• Instrument & Control  Cables
  • Telecommunication Cables
  • Transport Cables
  • Buildings & Infrastructure Cables
  • Automative Industry Cables
  • Gas , Oil , Heavy Industry , Iron Steel Petrochemical Industry Cables
  • Special Cables
  • Optical Fiber Cables
  • Heat Resistance Cables
  • High Voltage OHL ( Overhead Line) Conductors
  • OPGW Conductors
  • Low Voltage Power Cables
  • Medium Voltage Power Cables
  • Bare Conductor for Overhead Lines & Aerial Lines
  • High Voltage Power Cables

We provides low, medium and high voltage cables for the main electrical “utilities” of the Iberian market. In the past few years, the most relevant segments are those of the Renewable Energies and power transmission networks.

 Low voltage cables, copper and aluminium, for electric Power Transmission and Distribution

  • Cables for house general appliances
  • Cables for industrial applications
  • Cables for power transmission networks

Medium voltage power cables

  • Cables for power transmission and distribution
  • Cables for medium voltage industrial networks
  • Airfield lighting cables

Bare cables for aerial lines

  • Phase conductors
  • Ground wires

 High voltage power cables

  • Insulated cables for 60kV aerial lines

We offer a broad range of cables and solutions for copper and optical fibre networks. Privatization operated in telecommunications has created new business opportunities and new approaches to market.
The available current range shows the effort to follow the needs of higher transmission rates and infrastructure efficiency.

Copper Cables

  • Cables for local networks
  • Cables for regional networks
  • PCM cables
  • Cables for subscribers network 
  • Cables for structured networks

Optical fibre cables

  • Cables for communication networks: Long Hall, Underground, Regional and Access networks
  • Cables for special applications: SCADA, video surveillance, etc.
  • Cables for communications networks along electrical aerial power lines

The range of cables for special applications has been made of all those cables for very special purposes, therefore requiring particular answers not given by standard solutions. The first cables produced within this context were for instrumentation, compensating and extension, with special sheaths resisting to hydrocarbon used in petrochemical and steel industries.

Regarding the automobile industry, We offer a wide range of products, according to the main European and Japanese technical specifications (class 2 = 105ºC and class 3 = 125ºC). The Group is homologated directly by the following automobile brands:
  • FIAT
  • PSA
  • SAAB
LINK FOR CATALOGUE And by its regular customers, for the following automobile brands:
  • RENAULT - Lear
  • JAGUAR - Lear
  • FORD - Lear
  • AV, AVS, AVSS wires – Sumitomo and Yazaki
  • CHFUS wires - Sumitomo
  • Plugs 2,5 A
  • European Plugs Bipolar 16 A
  • European Plugs Bipolar + Earth 16 A
  • Italian Plugs Bipolar + Earth
  • Italian Plugs Bipolar
  • Swiss Plugs Bipolar + Earth
  • Swiss Plugs Bipolar
  • United Kingdom Plugs
  • Israelian Plugs Bipolar + Earth
  • Argentina Plugs Bipolar + Earth 10 A
  • Argentina Plugs Bipolar 10A
  • Australian Plugs Bipolar + Earth 10 A
  • Australian Plugs Bipolar 10 A
  • Appliance Connectors 2,5 A
  • Appliance Connectors 10 A
  • Extension up to 50m with or without plug connector
  • We followed, since early, the market of optical fiber cables, developing and manufacturing a wide range of cables for different applications.
  • Following logic of production verticalisation, the Group acquired a fiber optic drawing tower. The plant, located at Oporto, has the latest state-of-the-art technology for producing optical fiber with high quality standards.  
  • The production unit, exclusive in Iberia, operates since 2003 and is dedicated to the production of singlemode fiber. Under the brand Iberoptics, the optical fiber produced is integrated in our supplied cables but it is also sold to large international groups.
  • The improvement registered, since the beginning of the 80s, with the arise of the first commercial fibers, regarding the characteristics of the fiber itself, as well as all the optic and electronic components associated to communications, has consolidated the unquestionable role of optical fiber as a preferred mean of transmission.  
  • Fiber manufacturers have been innovating to obtain the best fiber, with optimized performance and, simultaneously, with lower cost. We live today an epoch of fiber massification with the introduction of FTTH technologies.
  • The forecast for the growth in traffic suggests the need to use communication infrastructures capable of providing high bandwidth, of creating capacity of storage and optimizing traffic management both in long distance networks, in metropolitan and in access networks.


  • Our regular singlemode fiber meets the most recent revisions made to international standards.Iberoptics SLWP 2501 fiber meets all the characteristics established for class D of ITU-T G.652 standard. Reducing the peak of water at 1380 nm it allows the use of the entire spectrum, from 1260nm up to 1625nm, while presenting a low PMD allowing the use of WDM and DWDM systems at long distance, minimizing the need for compensating this type of dispersion.  
  • In reaction to the growth of FTTH (Fiber to the home) networks, Iberoptics has recently launched theIberoptics SLBL 2501 fiber, in order to meet the new demands arising from the need to reduce the time of installation, to compact more fiber length in less space, to be able to pass sinuous pahs inside buildings. Thus, the fiber, being fully compatible with G.652, presents a higher performance regarding bending, resulting in an added value for installers and for the performance of the communication system.
We supply the listed cable accessories as follows if you need any special accessories please do not hesitate to contact with us by the way of our e-mail address and contact details. We provide a variety of accessories, namely:
  • Optical fiber connector
  • Patchpanels and DFU’s (Distribution Fiber units)
  • Joint Closures for optical fiber cables
  • Telecommunication racks
  • Suspension sets and tension sets for optical fiber cables
  • Dampers for electrical power aerial lines
  • Cable joints for medium and high voltage power cables
  • Cable termination for medium and high voltage power cables