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The system ensures that the cables are carried and arranged neatly depending on the cable density.
The range of cable trays from hot-dipped galvanize, to pre-galvanize, stainless steel (304-316), Corten-A, aluminum and electrostatic powder coating can be used in may different areas varying from building interiors to airports, ships, refineries etc.
All types of support systems are available for hanging the cable trays. Our cable trays are provided with the quality standard and test certificates that are required in Turkey and in many countries worldwide.

Hot Dip Galvanization

This is the ideal way of coating against corrosion. Our Company services a hot dip galvanization with 6500x1100x1500mm dimensions with lower maintanance costs, longer life time, faster application, reliability, full surface coating, easy quality control, fast installation and corrosion advantages.


Pregalvanizing method offers a coating thickness between 15-25 ìm. This method offers enough protection against corrosion for indoor use.

Stainless Steel

Our Company manufactures trays, accessories and jointing elements from €lements from stainless steel in special projects. Stainless steel trays are optained generally for food and beverage sector.Stainless steel trays provides hygienical surroundings.


Cable ladders and cable trays stated in our catalog are produced from EN 6063 material
The material which are used with these products and shown as hot dip galvanized can be produced from EN 5052 aluminium material.